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Robotic Landscapes: Designing the Unfinished

Hurkxkens, Ilmar
The first book on the use of robotic technology in landscape design, introducing new, dynamic methods and previously inconceivable scenarios for implementation.
422,00 kr
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System of Novelties: Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble, Interloop-Architecture

Interloop: Finley, Dawn
A unique hybrid between monograph and field guide, offering insights into the design concepts and technical expertise of Houston-based firm Interloop-Architecture, and the first book ever on the fascinating work of this American practice.
422,00 kr
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Thinking Design: Blueprint for an Architecture of Typology

Lechner, Andreas
A clearly distilled architectural atlas based on 144 major designs from ancient times to the twenty-first century, showcasing the cultural dimension of building.
663,00 kr
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Land. Milk. Honey: Animal Stories in Imagined Landscapes

Gottesman, Rachel
The official publication of the Israeli Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2021 is a unique exploration of how ideology translated into colonialism, settlement, urbanisation, infrastructure, and mechanised agriculture, radically reshaped the environment of Palestine-Israel.
265,00 kr
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ChartierDalix. Built Work 2016-2021

Chartier, Frederic
First volume of a multi-part monograph on successful Paris-based design studio ChartierDalix, featuring 11 projects realised 2016-2021. Text in English and French.
482,00 kr
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Basics of Urbanism: 12 Notions of Territorial Transformation

Degros, Aglaee
A new manual for a new territorial approach to urban design in the 21st century, based on 12 key concepts and introducing concrete examples of visionary spatial developments with a strong focus on practice. Text in English and German.
422,00 kr
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Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves

Scalbert, Irenee
This new book focuses on 'Features' - a selection of nine essays by renowned British architectural critic and scholar Irenee Scalbert, comprising detailed studies of major buildings and pieces that represent broader studies of historical movements and ideas.
301,00 kr
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Johan Celsing - Buildings, Texts

Johnston, Pamela
First-ever monograph on Johan Celsing, one of Sweden's most renowned contemporary architects, offering a uniquely intimate portrait of the architect and his work.
844,00 kr
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