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The Good Life: A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity

Abalos I
A revised edition of the 2001 original, this is an intellectual introduction to iconic ideas of modern living by Inaki Abalos who ranks as one of the most significant contemporary teachers of architecture.
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Cartha: On Making Heimat

Cartha: Chiavi, E
An important contribution to the discourses on the social integration of refugees and the requirements mass migration movement create in architecture and urban design, and featuring essays with and contributions by high-profile figures in academia, international architecture and design firms.
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Space Packed: The Architecture of Alfred Newmann

Neumann: Segal R
Alfred Neumann is regarded as one of Israel's most significant architects, and this is the first comprehensive critical overview of his built and unbuilt work, his theories and methodology.
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The Continuous City: Fourteen Essays on Architecture and Urbanisation

Lerup L
Offers fourteen previously unpublished essays by Lars Lerup, who ranks among the most significant teachers and researchers in the theory of urbanisation.
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Fawad Kazi KSSG OKS: Volume I: Project Introduction and Pavilion KSSG

Kazi: Sauer, Marko
First volume of a five-volume set documenting the complex and innovative St Gallen hospital extension project in Switzerland. Text in English and German.
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Baku Oil and Urbanism

Blau, E
Baku is a textbook case of the interdependency between energy extraction and urban design, and is featured in this first comprehensive study on the close interplay between the oil industry and urbanism.
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Assemble: How We Build. Hintergrund 55

Assemble: Fitz A
First monograph on the work of London-based architects' collective, Assemble, showcasing the range of their work and approach to each project.
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Almost Nothing: 100 Artists Comment on the Work of Mies Van Der Rohe

Rohe: Bjone C
An unusual, surprising 100-fold encounter with Mies van der Rohe and his work.
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