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Stadium: A Building That Renders the Image of a City

Celedon, Alejandro
This book tells the double story of a building, with its dissimilar and even contradictory past uses, and of a city, with its atomised housing underpinning an unequal development.
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Portugal Lessons: Environmental Objects. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
Architectural objects confront their environment. They constitute a boundary, a form with an internalised point of view.
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Aire: The River and its Double

Descombes, Georges
A documentation of a seminal and internationally recognised re-naturalisation project for a river in Switzerland.
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Exposed Architecture: Exhibitions, Interludes, and Essays

Martinez Abascal, Isabel
Offers an overview of work by young architects in Latin America, sheds light on practice and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American architecture, and looks at the manifold difficulties and challenges faced by local architects.
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Israel Lessons: Industrial Arcadia. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
An urbanist research project on concepts of social space rooted in land domestication and landscape idolatry; and an exploration of the role agriculture played in modern Israel's urbanisation processes, creation of a national narrative, and changes in local climate.
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Poolology of Housing

Pool Architekten
In architecture, nothing is ever truly new; everything has been tried before. And nowhere is this more evident than in the architecture of housing.
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ARTEC Architekten

Artec: Gotz, Bettina
ARTECT Architekten is one of Austria's leading contemporary architecture firms; this is the first monograph on their work, featuring much previously unpublished material.
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Totalization: Speculative Practice in Architectural Education

Schaum, Troy
Architecture is the quintessential generalist pursuit, requiring practical knowledge of geometry, technology, politics, history, culture, and economics, as well as an understanding how these disparate pieces fit together within the context of architectural practice. In short, an architect's expertise lies in big picture constructs, or totalisation.
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