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Contrast and Cohesion: G8A Architects

G8A Architects
First monograph on the work of Swiss firm G8A Architects in Europe and Southeast Asia, highlighting the differing preconditions and scope for the creation of architecture in these two regions.
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At Home in Steel: Residential Construction in Steel. Thoughts on Space and Structure.

Zurich University of Applied Sciences In
A compact and concise survey of the use of steel in residential architecture, reflecting on historic icons and featuring outstanding contemporary examples.
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Building Additions in Steel: The Architecture of Vertical Extensions

Stockhammer, Daniel
A unique study on the topic of building additions and vertical expansion in steel construction, featuring outstanding examples by international architects and offering theoretical and technical basics.
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Lever de Rideau: A Theatre in Cachan

Magrou, Rafael
An unconventional building monograph documenting Ateliers O-S Architectes' design for and the construction of the new Jacques Carat Theater in Cachan near Paris.
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Shifting Patterns: Christopher Alexander and the Eishin Campus

Guttmann, Eva
The Eishin Campus near Tokyo is Christopher Alexander's largest and most significant project based on the Pattern Language he developed in the 1970s together with Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein, and is the first examination of Alexander's 'systems generating systems' theory and its application to a concrete building design.
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Architecture as Environment: PARC Architectes

PARC , Bergquist, Mikael
The first monograph on the work and vision of Paris-based PARC Architectes which features around fifteen key designs in a cosmogonic story through technical and artistic illustrations and brief texts.
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Hans Scharoun and the Development of Small Apartment Floor Plans: The Residential High-Rises Romeo and Julia, 1954-1959

Scharoun: Peter M
A uniquely comprehensive investigation of Hans Scharoun's search for a the ideal floorplan in housing, featuring rich and previously unpublished writings, original plans and other archive material by this key figure of modern architecture in Germany.
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