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CARTHA - On Relations In Architecture

Chiavi, Elena
Featuring statements and opinions by emerging architects and theoreticians from around the world, this is an analysis of the role and importance of personal relationships, forms of collaboration, and hierarchies in contemporary architectural production.
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House 1 Catalogue - All About Space - Volume 2

Alice: Dietz D
The second volume of a series of four books on the creation of architectural space.
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Fragile Order - Rolf Muhlethaler

Muhlethaler R
First book in English on architect Rolf Muhlethaler.
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The City and the Architecture of Change: The Work and Radical Visions of Cedric Price

Price: Herdt T
Cedric Price is revered as one of the 20th century's most highly original architectural theorists, whose ideas and concepts are much recognised to the present day, and this is the first comprehensive presentation of Prices' radical thinking and his visions.
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Lower Austria: The Architectural Landscape 1848 to 1918

Ferrum--Kulturwerkstatte, K
A handy guidebook to significant historic architecture in Lower Austria, which is a popular tourist destination around Vienna.
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Walters Way and Segal Close: The Architect Watler Segal and London's Self-Build Community

Segal: Grahame A
The story of an unusual housing estate in south London, designed by Walter Segal and its 'anarchist' inhabitants, showing all the houses on the estate both during their construction to in their present state.
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The Good Life: A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity

Abalos I
A revised edition of the 2001 original, this is an intellectual introduction to iconic ideas of modern living by Inaki Abalos who ranks as one of the most significant contemporary teachers of architecture.
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Cartha: On Making Heimat

Cartha: Chiavi, E
An important contribution to the discourses on the social integration of refugees and the requirements mass migration movement create in architecture and urban design, and featuring essays with and contributions by high-profile figures in academia, international architecture and design firms.
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