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On and Around Architecture: Ten Conversations. Sergison Bates architects

Sergison Bates: Kunz, Gerold
Ten conversations on current and timeless questions and aspects of architecture and construction form an inspirational reader for professionals and anyone with a deeper interest in architecture.
301,00 kr
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Out of the Box: 13 Spatial Configurations

AGPS: Scholl, Manuel
A visual tour through the work of Zurich and Los Angeles-based firm agps, spanning nearly four decades and comprising the entire range of their designs. Text in English and German.
506,00 kr
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London - Being in the Library

Keiser, Daniela
An artistic reflection on the impact of David Adjaye's architecture for the Idea Stores in London, featuring also a conversation with David Adjaye on London's new public neighbourhood libraries.
265,00 kr 301,00 kr
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Architects on Dwelling

Platt, Christopher
An inspirational reader that highlights how profoundly the place we live in matters to our wellbeing, and what social responsibility architects have in creating the built environment.
301,00 kr
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Politics and Design in State-Subsidized Residential Architecture

Ramos, Rui Jorge Garcia
An insightful compendium on the development of state-subsidised housing in Europe in the 20th century, featuring exemplary social housing developments Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Spain.
506,00 kr
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Duplex Architects: Housing

Duplex: Balland, Ludovic
First monograph on Swiss firm Duplex Architects to date, documenting in great detail five housing designs that exemplify Duplex Architects' position, concepts, and methods.
603,00 kr
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Crafting Wood: Structure and Expression

Stadelmann, Carmen Rist
The book presents new findings on timber joints and offers inspiration for architects and other professionals in the field of timber construction, lavishly illustrated with images, plans, and drawings.
422,00 kr
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Sigurd Lewerentz - Pure Aesthetics: St Mark's Church, Stockholm

Bjoerkquist, Karin
The first substantial building monograph on Sigurd Lewerentz's masterpiece of modern religious architecture, St. Mark's church in Bjorkhagen, Stockholm, lavishly illustrated with new photographs and newly drawn plans.
724,00 kr
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