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Creating Community-Led and Self-Build Homes: A Guide to Collaborative Practice in the UK

Field M
Examines `self-build housing' and `community-led housing', discussing the commonalities and distinctions between these in practice, and what could be learned from other initiatives across Europe.
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How to Build Houses and Save the Countryside

Spiers S
Focusing on house building and conservation politics in England, Spiers uses his considerable experience and extensive research to demonstrate why the current model doesn't work, and why there needs to be both planning reform and a more active role for the state, including local government.
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How to Save Our Town Centres: A Radical Agenda for the Future of High Streets

Dobson, Julian
Written in an engaging and accessible style, How to save our town centres asks whether the internet has killed our high streets and how the relationship between people and places is changing, how business is done and who benefits, and how the use and ownership of land affects us all.
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Localism and Neighbourhood Planning: Power to the People?

Brownill S et.al.
A critical analysis of neighbourhood planning. Setting empirical evidence from the UK against international examples, the Editors engage in broader debates on the purposes of planning and the devolution of power to localities.
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Planning and knowledge: How new forms of technocracy are shaping contemporary cities

Raco, Mike
This book uses an international perspective to look at the sources of conflict and cooperation between the different landscapes of knowledge driving contemporary urban change, and the rise of new technocracy in urban governance.
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Radical Solutions to the Housing Supply Crisis

Bowie D
This book analyses the roots of the current housing crisis in England, critically reviewing the development of policy under successive UK Governments and presenting a specific critique of the current Conservative Government's housing and planning reforms.
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Rebuilding Britain: Planning for a Better Future

Ellis H et.al.
This unique book asks how Britain can organise itself to build a fairer and sustainable society. It explores the value to society of social town planning and offers a doorway for how planning both morally and practically can help to meet key challenges of the 21st century.
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Squaring the circle on Brexit: Could the Norway model work?

Fossum J E
Two preeminent Norwegian scholars of politics and law offer a comprehensive first-hand account of Norway's relationship with the EU and how this affects the country's legal and political system, setting out what Britain can learn from Norway's experience and how transferable these lessons are.
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Sustainable London?: The Future of a Global City

Imrie R et.al.
An exploration of the rise of sustainable development policies in London by international authors. Essential reading for urban practitioners and policy makers, and students in social, urban and environmental geography, sociology and urban studies.
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