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An Introduction to Landscape

Howard P
Follows the development of the several threads of the concept of landscape as they have evolved across disciplines and across countries, leading to the European Landscape Convention, and the designation of Cultural Landscapes as World Heritage Sites.
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Designbuild Education

Kraus C
Designbuild Education adopts the intellectual framework of American Pragmatism, which is a theory of action, to investigate architects' compelling need to build and how that manifests in collegiate designbuild programs.
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Spatial Implications and Planning Criteria for High-Speed Rail Cities and Regions

de Urena, Jose Maria
This book evaluates the varied experiences that HSR systems have brought about to different station-cities and their regional territories around the world, with an eye towards better future planning and policy of such systems.
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Property Development

Reed, Richard (Deakin University, Austra
This fully revised 7th edition of Property Development has been completely updated to reflect ongoing changes in the property field and maintain the direct relevance of the text to all stakeholders involved in studying the property development process.
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Bordered Cities and Divided Societies: Humanistic Essays of Conflict, Violence, and Healing

Bollens, Scott A. (University of Califor
Bordered Cities and Divided Societies is a provocative, moving, and poetic encounter with the hearts and minds of individuals living in nine cities of conflict, violence, and healing-Jerusalem, Belfast, Johannesburg, Nicosia, Sarajevo, Mostar, Barcelona, Bilbao, and Beirut.
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Every Place Matters: Towards Effective Place-Based Policy

Beer, Andrew
This Policy Expo finds that place-based policies are essential in contemporary economies, providing solutions to otherwise intractable challenges such as the long-term decline of cities and regions.
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Progressive Studio Pedagogy: Examples from Architecture and Allied Design Fields

Smith, Charlie
Progressive Studio Pedagogy provides guidance to educators in all design fields by questioning processes and assumptions about teaching and learning, utilising examples from architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.
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The Design of Urban Manufacturing

Rappaport, Nina
The Design of Urban Manufacturing brings a multidisciplinary approach to a new complex reality that urban manufacturing now sits squarely at the intersection of research, education, and neighborhood revitalization.
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Innovating Construction Law: Towards the Digital Age

Mason, Jim (University of the West of En
Innovating Construction Law: Towards the Digital Age draws together current and emerging technologies and examines how legal practice in the construction industry can respond to the challenges to its existing arrangements.
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