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Neuroscience for Designing Green Spaces: Contemplative Landscapes

Olszewska-Guizzo, Agnieszka
This book delves into the neuroscience behind contemplative landscapes, their key spatial characteristics, and practical application of the Contemplative Landscape Model through case studies from around the world.
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Watts Pocket Handbook

Watts Pocket Handbook is the must-have reference book for professionals and students engaged in construction, building surveying, service engineering, property development and much more.
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Louis I. Kahn in Rome and Venice: Tangible Forms

Barizza, Elisabetta (Sapienza University
This book examines the idea of organism in the work of Louis I. Kahn, from the turning point of Rome to the project for Venice.
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Construction Project Manager's Pocket Book

Cartlidge, Duncan
"The second edition of the Construction Project Manager's Pocket Book maintains its coverage of a broad range of project management skills, from technical expertise to leadership, negotiation, team building and communication"--
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Design Build with The Scarcity and Creativity Studio

Hermansen Cordua, Christian
Aimed at students, teachers and professionals who are exploring the possibilities of design build, the 16 built projects are fully documented in text, drawings and photos, and can be used as both inspiration and references. Projects are based in Norway, Finland, Chile, Ecuador (Galapagos), Kenya, South Africa, China, Argentina and Lebanon.
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Merleau-Ponty for Architects

Hale, Jonathan
Summarizes what Maurice Merleau-Ponty has to offer for architects, locates his architectural thinking in the context of his work, introduces key texts, and helps decode difficult terms.
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Why Architects Matter: Evidencing and Communicating the Value of Architects

Samuel F
Offers tools to help architects evidence, develop and communicate value to those outside the field, strengthening their ability to pitch for work, access new funding streams and prove architecture's key contribution to society.
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Benjamin for Architects

Benjamin: Elliott, Brian
Examining Walter Benjamin's contributions to cultural criticism in relation to the works of Max Ernst, Adolf Loos, Le Corbusier and Sigfried Giedion, this book situates Benjamin's work within the developments in architecture and urbanism.
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Design Management

Emmitt S
Aimed at Masters level students and early career design managers this book addresses the value that design management and design managers contribute to construction projects.
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