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Heat Pumps for the Home: 2nd Edition

Cantor, John
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Converting Old Buildings into New Homes

Davies, B & Begg , N
Residential property prices have risen dramatically over the years yet there are thousands of dilapidated and unused buildings which can present a much cheaper way of acquiring a home.
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Acoustics in Architectural Design

Orlowski, Raf
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The Damp House: A Guide to the Causes and Treatment of Dampness

Hetreed J
Dampness can become an enemy when it invades our interior space, when it persists, it spreads and damages our domestic fittings, finishes and furnishings, and it stimulates the spread of fungus and decay in the structure of our houses. This is a guide to the causes and treatment of dampness.
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The Stone Restoration Handbook: A Practical Guide to the Conservation Repair of Stone and Masonry

Daniels, Chris
Demonstrates the approach and techniques to use when preserving and repairing historic buildings. This book introduces the materials and the processes, and explains the proven methods to conserve, repair and restore stone, masonry, statuary and monuments. It is packed with illustrations, examples and advice on stone selection, working, and more.
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Contemporary Retail Design: A Store Planner's Handbook

Miles, Eddie
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Art Nouveau Architecture

Anderson, Anne
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