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The Damp House: A Guide to the Causes and Treatment of Dampness

Hetreed J
Dampness can become an enemy when it invades our interior space, when it persists, it spreads and damages our domestic fittings, finishes and furnishings, and it stimulates the spread of fungus and decay in the structure of our houses. This is a guide to the causes and treatment of dampness.
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Heat Pumps for the Home: 2nd Edition

Cantor, John
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Contemporary Retail Design: A Store Planner's Handbook

Miles, Eddie
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Victorian and Edwardian British Industrial Architecture

Pearson L
By the end of Queen Victoria's reign, factories had become an inescapable part of the townscape. This book looks at the architecture, planning and design of those factories that were part of the second wave of the industrial revolution. It covers the Victorian and Edwardian eras, 1837- 1910, and the period leading up to the First World War.
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Nordic Modernism: Scandinavian Architecture 1890-2015

Miller, W.C.
Modernism was instrumental in the development of twentieth and twenty-first century Scandinavian architecture. This book covers the romantic and classical architectural foundations of Nordic modernism; the development of Nordic Functionalism; and the maturing and expansion of Nordic modern architecture in the post-war period.
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Brutalism: Post-War British Architecture, Second Edition

Clement, Alexander
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The Architecture of British Seaside Piers

Gray, Fred
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Designing Buildings for People: Sustainable liveable architecture

Derek Clements-Croome
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