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Sketchbooks: Collected Measured Drawings and Architectural Sketches

Smith, George Saumarez
George Saumarez Smith is one of Britain's foremost classical architects. His sketchbooks display a supreme mastery that goes beyond technique and assumes the status of art.
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Oliver Cope Architect: City Country Sea

Cope, Oliver: Architect, Clive
An award-winning architecture firm practicing in the heart of New York City, Oliver Cope Architect has been building exceptional homes since 1988. This book is not only about a collection of homes, but the team behind them, and the way that they build.
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As I See It: A Life in Detours

Kligerman, Thomas A.
This book is a celebration of the power of the smartphone camera combined with New York architect, Thomas A. Kligerman's unique eye. Tom adores travel and the different cultures of the world, recording vibrant details and evocative scenes as he journeys from India to New Mexico, from Beaux-Arts monuments to rustic barns, from ocean to mountaintop.
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The Academy: Celebrating the work of John Simpson at the Walsh Family Hall, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Aslet, Clive
The Academy celebrates the architect John Simpson's newly finished building for the School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana: the Walsh Family Hall. This book has full colour commissioned photography, drawn plans and original sketches throughout.
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The Bridges of Robert Adam: A Fanciful and Picturesque Tour

Riley, Benjamin
From the Pulteney Bridge in Bath to Culzean Castle in Ayrshire, The Bridges of Robert Adam: A Fanciful and Picturesque Tour will take the reader across Britain, shedding new light on an understudied aspect of the great architect's career.
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Living Tradition: The Architecture and Urbanism of Hugh Petter

Aslet, Clive
Whether a historic country home, public building, or masterwork of urban design, Hugh Petter's designs reveal a loving attention to detail and materials, and an architect who cares deeply for his craft. Written by Clive Aslet, with a foreword by The Former Prince of Wales, this book reveals how a series of iconic buildings came to be.
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The Art of the Architect

Imber, Michael G
The Art of the Architect celebrates the role that drawing and watercolour painting play in architecture. Rich in examples of the art and philosophy that have inspired the author over the years, this book is both an ode to a precious art form, and a visual delight to anyone who may turn its pages.
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Old Homes, New Life: The resurgence of the British country house

Aslet, Clive
This sumptuous book celebrates 12 country houses, occupied by the same families for at least 300 years. From State rooms to boot rooms we have interviewed and photographed these amazing homes. This book gives exclusive insight into a private world at a time of dynamic change and renewal.
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