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Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

MacKay, David
The best-selling book on understanding sustainable energy and how we can make energy plans that add up.
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Sustainable Materials without the hot air: Making Buildings, Vehicles and Products Efficiently and with Less New Material

Allwood, Julian M
This optimistic and richly-informed book evaluates all the options and explains how we can greatly reduce the amount of material demanded and used in manufacturing, while still meeting everyone's needs.
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Urban Transport without the hot air: Volume 1: Sustainable Solutions for Uk Cities

Melia, Steven
In this book, Steve Melia dispels long-standing transport myths, looks at the successes of London and other UK and continental cities in providing 21st century transport and suggests solutions for a sustainable future.
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Urban Transport without the hot air: Volume 2: American solutions for a sustainable future

Cunningham A
Alan Cunningham draws upon his experiences as a planner and the evidence from successful developments as he proposes a nationwide geographic plan for the USA that will allow walking, biking and transit to flourish alongside traffic.
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