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Cairo: Revitalising a Historic Metropolis

Aga Khan Trust
This text discusses the original plan for the Azhar Park approved in 1990 and the park's subsequent creation, as well as the restoration of a large part of the old Ayyubid city walls. Also included is a socio-economic study of the district of al-Dard-al-Ahmar.
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Genoa: Allemandi Architectural Guide

Cardini D
Includes information about public transport, with maps denoting the city's monuments from the Roman era to present developments. The reader is introduced to contemporary culture, restoration work and the relationship of buildings to their surrounding areas.
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Hand of Palladio

Palladio: Capellini, Lorenzo: Portoghesi
Identifies Palladio's personal touch, to pinpoint the most typical features of his language, his preferences, tics, obsessions, working method and the various stages of his training and creative career. This title traces Palladio's life story.
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Turin Architecture Atlas: 1984-2008

Bonino, Michele ed. et.al.
Documents the architecture and the urban policies realised in Turin, Italy, from 1984. This atlas includes essays and illustrations that describe 160 projects spread in the city and its immediate hinterland, taking 1984 as the starting date, the year of the exhibition of the international consultancy on the recovery of Lingotto.
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