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Planet City

Young, Liam
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Robin Boyd: Late Works

Phillips, Christine Marie
Robin Boyd: Late Works unveils the urban and public architectural projects designed by Robin Boyd, one of Australia's most iconic mid-century modernists, in the final decade before his untimely death in 1971.
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Doing, Seeing; Seeing, Doing

Shaik, Leon
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Rogue: Art of a Garden

Eckersley, Rick
Rick Eckersley's garden at Musk Cottage is a deeply personal expression both of his respect for Australia's unique flora and ecologies and his unfettered, almost painterly approach to garden design. Both wild and directed, ancient and contemporary, it is a landscape of contradictions.
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Terroir: Third Spaces

Reinmuth, Gerard
Large projects often have a significant impact, intended or otherwise, on the public domain. This fact has led TERROIR to develop a strategy for third spaces that are often not in the brief, and at times, actually resist the functional logic of a project, but are designed in the interests of greater urban openness, engagement and generosity.
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Building a Culture: Reflections on three decades of design practice at RMIT

Schaik, Leon van
In Building a Culture, Leon van Schaik traces the origin and development of design practice research at RMIT and his own journey into architecture and its teaching.
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Stead, Naomi
Documentation of the conventions of architectural representation, an exploration of the many ways in which those conventions can be productively challenged, subverted, or ignored to broaden the conversation about architecture and what it means. Contributions from some of Australia's most highly regarded architectural photographers.
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Architecture in its Continuums: Constants; Manners, Modes and Qualities of Engagement; Polarities and their Origins

Van Schaik, Leon
Leon van Schaik AO, Professor of Architecture at RMIT University for 30 years and mentor to countless Australian architects, lays down his highly influential creative philosophies. The text represents a distillation of a lifetime of thinking about architecture and the ways in which it is practiced, researched and taught.
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