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Architecture as a Design Partnership

Spector Group
This is a must-read volume for those interested in innovative, practical and imaginative solutions to architectural design challenges in the residential, institutional and commercial fields.
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Healthcare Spaces: 6

Yee R
Healthcare decision makers and their architects and interior designers will be inspired by innovative the featured new healing environments that embody design concepts they can study and adapt for their own use.
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Corporate Interiors: 12

Yee R
Corporate interiors No. 12 showcases how business leaders along with their architects and interior designers successfully provide these state-of-the-art facilities for their management and staff. With 100's of full-color images and insightful text, this book offers an effective means of assessing options for planning, designing and building these workspaces.
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Unexpected Solutions

Sosh Architects
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Designing Spaces: DP Architects

DP Architects
With 304 pages featuring hundreds of color images and informative text, this title illustrates how designing for an interior space can be a direct, strategic response to a building's intrinsic architectural form and are seen as extensions of the building.
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Corporate Interiors No. 13

Yee R
Over 25 leading architectural/design firms present new directions that are being created in the design of today's workplaces.
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MKDA: Workplace Design Where Form Delivers Function

Kleinberg, Michael
It takes a lot to impress the fashion industry. But in 1959, Vienna-born interior designer Milo Kleinberg opened Milo Kleinberg Design Associates in New York, and created showrooms for the Garment District that captured the essence of the fashion houses they served--and improved sales and services dramatically.
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