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Acoustics and Noise Control 3rd edition

Smith, B.J. Peters, R.J & Hollins, Marga
Earlier ed.: Acoustics and noise control / B. J. Smith, R. J. Peters, Stephanie Owen. 1982.
781,00 kr
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Architectural Acoustics

Jaramillo, Ana M
385,00 kr
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Architectural Acoustics Handbook

Ning Xiang
Provides a state-of-the-art tool for those studying, teaching, and researching architectural acoustics.
1 166,00 kr
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Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

Ermann M
Unite the science of sound and the principles of design to enhance any space Architectural Acoustics Illustrated translates the quantitative and qualitative content of acoustics into the graphic language of architecture.
817,00 kr
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Bromberek, Zbigniew
Demonstrates design practices related to site planning and layout, and re-assesses best practices for a tropical environment, allowing architects to apply design principles to their own projects. This work gives practical guidance on various aspects of designing a low impact tourist resort, with particular focus on climatic issues.
688,00 kr
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Recording Studio Design

Newell P
1 108,00 kr
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Shape of Sound

Meyers, Victoria
291,00 kr
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Sound Materials: A Compendium of Sound Absorbing Materials for Architecture and Design

Adams, T
Providing architects, designers, acousticians, engineers, students and creative professionals with a visual encyclopedia of sound-absorbing materials, this book is categorised according to application. Each material includes a full-page profile with color photographs and illustrations, reference projects, and, manufacturer contact details.
292,00 kr
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