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Waves: A Very Short Introduction

Goldsmith, Mike (Freelance acoustician)
From sound waves to gravitational waves, and from waves of light to crashing rollers on the ocean, Mike Goldsmith explores the fundamental features shared by all waves in the natural world, and considers the range of phenomena resulting from wave motion, including reflection, diffraction, and polarization in light, and beats and echoes in sound.
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Acoustics and Sound Insulation: Principles, Planning, Examples

Mommertz, Eckard
Provides expert planners and architects and also interested developers with practical knowledge on the subject of acoustics in high-rise architecture, beginning with standards on methods of planning and prognosis and moving on to the areas of acoustics of rooms and architecture and noise protection in urban planning.
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Sound: A Very Short Introduction

Goldsmith M
This Very Short Introduction explores the science of sound and its nature, hearing and harmony. Considering sound we can't hear, the author also covers different sound worlds, as well as noise and its reduction.
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Acoustics and Noise Control

Smith, B.J. Peters, R.J & Hollins, Marga
Earlier ed.: Acoustics and noise control / B. J. Smith, R. J. Peters, Stephanie Owen. 1982.
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Acoustics of Multi-Use Performing Arts Centers

Holden M
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Architectural Acoustics

Jaramillo, Ana M
Fundamentals of architectural and building acoustics along with practical guidance on acoustic design in common building types
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Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

Ermann M
Unite the science of sound and the principles of design to enhance any space Architectural Acoustics Illustrated translates the quantitative and qualitative content of acoustics into the graphic language of architecture.
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Recording Studio Design

Newell P
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Architectural Acoustics Handbook

Ning Xiang
Provides a state-of-the-art tool for those studying, teaching, and researching architectural acoustics.
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