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From Cameroon to Paris: Mousgoum Architecture In and Out of Africa

Nelson, Steven
The kind of domed house constructed by Chad and Cameroon's Mousgoum peoples has long held sway over Western imagination. This book shows that this beehive-shaped structure known as teleuk has been cast from a sign of authenticity to a tourist destination.
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Swahili Port Cities: The Architecture of Elsewhere

Meier S P
Here architecture embodies modern ideas and social identities engendered by the encounter of Africans with others in the Indian Ocean world.
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The Masons of Djenne

Marchand, Trevor
Renowned for its mud-brick architecture, monumental mosque, and merchant-traders' houses, Djenne remains one of Africa's most distinctive cities. This title describes the raising of a mud-brick house and explores the technical, social, and magical processes involved in making buildings and renewing the urban environment of Djenne.
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Architecture & Tourism in Italian Colonial Libya

McLaren B
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Alexandria: City of Memory

Haag M
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Architecture of the Islamic West: North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, 700-1800

Bloom, Jonathan M.
An authoritative survey situating some of the Western world's most renowned buildings within a millennium of Islamic history
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Vernacular Architecture of West Africa: A World in Dwelling

Bourdier, Jean-Paul & Minh-ha, T.
Translation of: Habiter un monde: architectures de l'Afrique de l'ouest.
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Ditema: Some Decorated Sotho Buildings

Jolly, Pieter
This title records a variety of Sotho decorated huts and other structures. Decorative patterns of paint, pebbles inset into mud plaster, and incised plaster constitute the Ditema mural art tradition of the Basotho, which is similar to, but differs in many respects from, the Ndebele mural art tradition.
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Raymond A
A history of Cairo, from its beginnings in the Arab conquest of Egypt in 640 to a modern capital. This book examines the invasions, changes and conflicts which shaped Cairo's destiny as well as the rulers, religious leaders, artisans and merchants who characterized the city.
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