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Alvar Aalto

Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto (3 February 1898 – 11 May 1976) was a Finnish architect and designer. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware, as well as sculptures and paintings.

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Alvar Aalto Houses

Aalto: Jetsonen, Jari
Originally published in hardcover in 2011.
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Alvar Aalto: Architect

Aalto: Stewart J
Alvar Aalto remains Finland's greatest architect, retains his place among the Modern Masters of twentieth-century architecture and is now recognized internationally as one of the world's greatest architects of all time. This is the first, frank and fully-comprehensive biography of Alvar Aalto.
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Alvar Aalto - Das Gesamtwerk / L'oeuvre complete / The Complete Work

Aalto: Fleig, K [ed]
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Alvar Aalto: Objects and Furniture Design by Architects

Aalto: Muga, Partricia de
Showcasing furniture and object design from some of the most important architects of the 20th-century, this title analyses - through sketches, drawings and photographs of the original productions - the main designs of the featured architect. It also includes a illustrated chronology of their works.
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Alvar Aalto Apartments

Aalto: Lahti, Markku
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Alvar Aalto Summer Homes

Aalto: Helamaa, Erkki & Jetsonen, Jari
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Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand

Aalto: Charrington H & Nava V
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Alvar Aalto: Architecture, Modernity, and Geopolitics

Aalto: Pelkonen, Eeva-Liise
Proposes a fresh interpretation of Alvar Aalto's oeuvre, revealing it as a thoughtful response to his intellectual and cultural milieu - especially to Finland's dynamic political circumstances following independence from Russia in 1917. This book considers the geographic and geopolitical narratives found in his writings.
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