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Architectural History and Styles

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Understanding Architecture: An Introduction to Architecture and Architectural History

Conway, Hazel
A comprehenisive introduction to architecture and architectural history. This new addition brings in the new emphasis on sustainability, urbanism, urban regeneration, and cultural identity, in order to take a holistic approach to the subject of architecture.
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Episodes in the Gothic Revival

Webster C
The stylistic shift during the nineteenth century which saw the Classical tradition challenged by a renewed interest in Gothic was one of the centurys most profound architectural developments.
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Gothic: An Illustrated History

Luckhurst, Roger
The story of the Gothic, from early architecture and literature to the modern horror genre, illustrated by the beautiful, the macabre and the strange.
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Atlas of Vernacular Architecture of the World

Vellinga, Marcel , Oliver, Paul & Bridge
An atlas on vernacular architecture. This title illustrates the variety and ingenuity of the world's vernacular building traditions from a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural and comparative approach, using over sixty world and regional maps. It contains maps on materials and resources, technologies, structural systems, and symbolism.
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The Architecture of Emergence: The Evolution of Form in Nature and Civilisation

Weinstock, Michael
Emergence is one of the most exciting new fields in architecture today, gaining interest from not only academics and students but also leading professionals, with directors from Fosters, Arup and Bentley Systems all attending the most recent symposium on the subject at the Architects Association, London.
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Heavenly Mansions: and Other Essays on Architecture

Summerson, John
Brilliantly written essays on the aesthetic principles and enduring motives of architecture.
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Palaces of Pleasure: From Music Halls to the Seaside to Football, How the Victorians Invented Mass Entertainment

Jackson, Lee
A lively account of the rise of the Victorian entertainment industry and popular recreation in nineteenth-century Britain
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Edifices de Rome Moderne: Classic Reprints

Letarouilly, Paul
Paul Letarouilly's masterpiece; Edifices de Rome Moderne, now available in an even-easier-to-use size.
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Architecture, Society, and Ritual in Viking Age Scandinavia: Doors, Dwellings, and Domestic Space

Eriksen, Marianne Hem
This book takes a fresh perspective on the Viking Age; it is a social archaeology of the Viking home. A highly charged architectural element - the door - is used as a gateway to generate new knowledge of households and society in Viking Age Scandinavia, fleshing out everyday life and domestic ritual.
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