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Architectural History and Styles

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Architecture's Historical Turn: Phenomenology and the Rise of the Postmodern

Pailos, Jorge Otero-
Architectures Historical Turn traces the hidden history of architectural phenomenology, a movement that reflected a key turning point in the early phases of postmodernism and a legitimating source for those architects who first dared to confront history as an intellectual problem and not merely as a stylistic question.
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Utopia's Ghost: Architecture and Postmodernism, Again

Martin, Reinhold
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Italy/Australia: Postmodern Architecture in Translation

Micheli, Silvia
Italy/Australia: Postmodern Architecture in Translation examines the influence of Italian postmodernism on Australian architecture. This book is one of only a few concerning Australian postmodernism and represents the first critical assessment of national postmodern architecture.
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NATO: Narrative Architecture in Postmodern London

Jamieson C
Outgrowth of the author's thesis (doctoral--Royal College of Art, 2015), under title: NAT[: exploring architecture as a narrative medium in postmodern London.
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Post-Modern Buildings in Britain

Franklin G & Harwood, E
An illuminating look at a controversial architectural style - and its finest examples. Historians Geraint Franklin and Elain Harwood discuss its background and key architects before celebrating Britain's finest examples.
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Postmodernism in Berlin: Residential Buildings of the 80s

Kromrei, Claudia
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