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Architectural Structure and Design

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Data, Matter, Design: Strategies in Computational Design

Melendez, Frank (City College of New Yor
Data, Matter, Design presents a comprehensive overview of current design processes that rely on the input of data and use of computational design strategies, and their relationship to an array of physical outputs.
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Ergonomics for Children: Designing products and places for toddler to teens

Lueder, Rani
This is a practical manual about child ergonomics written for people who design for, play with, teach, supervise, and protect children. The authors discuss how to create products and environments for toddlers to teenagers that match their capabilities, stimulate their development, promote learning, and keep them healthy and safe.
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Elements of Parametric Design

Woodbury, Robert
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Material Imagination in Architecture

Dernie, David
Material Imagination in Architecture draws on history and the visual arts, and contemporary architecture to explore this popular theme in architectural practice and education.
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Representing Landscapes: One Hundred Years of Visual Communication

Amoroso, Nadia (University of Toronto, C
Representing Landscapes: One Hundred Years of Visual Communication offers a detailed account of how past and present landscape architects and practitioners have harnessed the power of visualization to frame and situate their designs within the larger cultural, social, ecological and political milieux.
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Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data

Buxton, Pamela (Freelance Architecture a
Significantly revised in reference to changing building types and construction standards, new chapters added on data centres and logistics facilities and sustainable design integrated into chapters throughout. This book belongs in every design office.
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Revit Architecture 2022 for Designers

Seidler, Douglas R. (Marymount Universit
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Typologies of Industrial Buildings

Becher, Bernd & Hill
An encyclopedic collection of all known Becher industrial studies, arranged by building type.
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Beyond Design: Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful

Boere, Renate
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