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Architectural Structure and Design

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Design Expertise

Lawson, Bryan & Dorst, Kees
Explores what it takes to become an expert designer. This work examines the perception of expertise in design and asks what knowledge, skills, attributes and experiences are necessary in order to design well. It is suitable for students, teachers, practitioners and researchers in architecture and design.
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Designing Materials Materialising Design

Nicholas, Paul
Explores the idea that designed materials necessitate new relationships between material behaviour, specification and architectural representation. This book includes case studies developed at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.
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Prototyping architecture

Stacey, Michael
Examines the evolution and importance of prototypes in the architectural process. Placing emphasis on research and experimentation, this book shows how prototyping can inform architecture with maquettes, models and full-scale trial assemblies. It also examines the importance of prototyping within architecture to achieve high quality construction.
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In Detail, Small Structures: Compact dwellings, Temporary structures, Room modules

Schittich C
Small structures such as kiosks, bus shelters, ticket booths are essential to the infrastructure of the city, often an exciting synthesis of architecture and product design, and provide bread-and-butter commissions for many architecture practices.
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Digital Processes: Planning, Designing, Production

Hauschild, M. & Karzel, R.
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Basics Electro Planning

Wotschke P
Electrical installations in buildings are becoming increasingly complex. BASICS Electrical Installations conveys the basic concepts of electrical installations in buildings in practical applications.
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Thinking: Visions for Architectural Design. Towards 2050

Andersen, Marilyne
The building sector is one of the world's biggest contributors to CO2-emissions and energy consumption.
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