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Architectural Structure and Design

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Designing Zero Carbon Buildings: Embodied and Operational Emissions in Achieving True Zero

Jankovic, Ljubomir
This third edition combines embodied and operational emissions into a structured approach for achieving zero emissions by a specific year with certainty. It is a major positive step towards design thinking that makes achieving zero carbon emissions a reality.
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Sh*tscapes: 100 Mistakes in Landscape Architecture

Guculak, Vladimir
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Designed to Perform: An Illustrated Guide to Delivering Energy Efficient Homes

Dollard, Tom
A highly illustrated and updated guide to delivering better energy performance in all types of new build homes.
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Material Reform

Amica Dall; Material Cultures
An accessible sourcebook for sustainable architecture from the research practice Material Cultures, examining the relation of materials to subjects including labour, time, landscape, and language. THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY REPRINTING AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL EARLY 2024
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Queer Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQIA+ Places and Stories

Furman, Adam Nathaniel
A queer independent bookshop in Glasgow. An ice cream parlour in Cuba, where your order is coded. A cathedral in ruins in Nicaragua, occupied by the underground LGBTQIA+ community. This lavishly illustrated 'atlas' celebrates over 90 queer spaces.
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Designing Timber Buildings

Sanna, Fausto
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Archdaily's Guide to Good Architecture: The Now and How of Built Environments

What's best in architecture today and the most relevant for tomorrow by the world's most visited architecture website.
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Transform: Promising Places, Second Chances, and the Architecture of Transformational Change

Berke, Deborah
A guide to contemporary architecture practice in one of the most important fields today—the transformative adaptation of existing buildings. A manifesto and survey of contemporary practice by one of the leading offices in this domain, Deborah Berke Partners.
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Drawing Attention: Architecture in the Age of Social Media

Shaikh, Hamza
You have an idea that may be revolutionary, and someone somewhere needs to see it. With technical tips and concept inspiration, this is your guide to drawing their attention.
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Design Thinking and Storytelling in Architecture

Rowe, Peter G.
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