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Architectural Structure and Design

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Painting in Stone: Architecture and the Poetics of Marble from Antiquity to the Enlightenment

Barry, Fabio
A sweeping history of premodern architecture told through the material of stone
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Prefabricated Systems: Principles of Construction

Knaack, Ulrich et al
Provides an overview of prefabricated systems in housing, office, and industrial buildings. This book explains the processes of modular construction and the behavior of materials with this approach.
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Architecture for Science

Weller, Christine Nicky
Interdisciplinary perspectives on discovering the research buildings as topic for contemporary architecture in theory and practice.
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Circular Communities

Smit, Mo
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The Italian Renaissance Altarpiece: Between Icon and Narrative

Ekserdjian, David
The comprehensive study of the Italian Renaissance altarpiece from the 13th to the early 17th century
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Things We Create

Brechensbauer, Axel
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India: Water Architecture

Rossl, Stefania
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Bernina transversal. Guido Baselgia - Bearth und Deplazes: Architecture and Photography - Intervention and Reaction

Bearth: Glaciers, Bernina
A photo book merged with a building monograph: striking photographs by Swiss photographer Guido Baselgia of the landscape and infrastructure buildings in the Swiss Alps are combined with a documentation of new road maintenance base on the pass designed by renowned Swiss firm Bearth & Deplazes Architekten. Text in English, German, and Italian.
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