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Architectural Structure and Design

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Architecture and Ugliness: Anti-Aesthetics and the Ugly in Postmodern Architecture

Acker, Wouter Van
Rethinking ugliness in architecture - from brutalism to postmodernism.
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The Collaborators: Interactions in the Architectural Design Process

Gilbert, Herbert
Illustrated by critical analyses of significant buildings, including examples by such eminent architects as Adler and Sullivan, Erich Mendelsohn, and Louis Kahn, this book examines collaboration in the architectural design process over a period ranging from the mid-19th century to the late 1960s. The examples chosen, located in England.
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Design-Tech: Building Science for Architects

Alread, Jason
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Bubbletecture: Inflatable Architecture and Design

Francis, Sharon
Following in the footsteps of Nanotecture, Mobitecture, and Pet-tecture, a fascinating and fun guide to everything inflatable
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International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth

Nixon D
In 1984 President Ronald Reagan gave NASA the go-ahead to build a Space Station. A generation later, the International Space Station is an established and highly successful research centre in Earth orbit. This book provides an account of the Station's conception, design, development and assembly in space.
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Bioinspired Structures and Design

Soboyejo, Wole (Worcester Polytechnic In
Master simple to advanced biomaterials and structures with this essential text. Featuring topics ranging from bionanoengineered materials to bio-inspired structures for spacecraft and bio-inspired robots, this is the ideal introduction to this emerging field for students in engineering and science as well as researchers.
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Data, Matter, Design: Strategies in Computational Design

Melendez, Frank (City College of New Yor
Data, Matter, Design presents a comprehensive overview of current design processes that rely on the input of data and use of computational design strategies, and their relationship to an array of physical outputs.
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Co-Designers: Cultures of Computer Simulation in Architecture

Loukissas, Yanni
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Design Games for Architecture: Creating Digital Design Tools with Unity

Westre, Aaron
Design Games teaches you how to create playful software tools based on your architectural design processes, whether or not you are familiar with game design technology. By working through exercises illustrated with screen shots and code, you acquire knowledge about each step required to build useful tools you can use to accomplish design tasks.
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