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Architectural Structure and Design

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Story of New York's Staircase

Goldberger, Paul
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Clubs - Interior Design in China

Design Media
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New Essentialism: Material Architecture

Borden GP
Illustrates the basis of the argument for a New Essentialism, through the examination of how architecture engages materials.
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Pressing Matters 8

Upenn, Design
Pressing Matters is an exciting design and research compilation from PennDesign's Department of Architecture, featuring recent student work, news, important symposia and lectures.
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Architecture Beyond Experience

Benedikt, Michael
Architecture Beyond Experience is an interdisciplinary work in the service of one goal: the bringing about of a more relational, 'posthuman' and yet humanist strain in architecture.
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Bracket: [Takes Action]

Bhatia, Neeraj
Bracket [Takes Action] contains over 28 essays and 15 design projects that are structured into six sub-themes: ReAction, CounterAction, InterAction, FAction, InAction, and RetroAction. The intent of the fourth almanac of Bracket is to unpack the contemporary possibility of action through design.
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Landscape Architecture Frontiers 041: Observation and Representation

Yu, Kongjian
This book explores observation and representation in Landscape Architecture.
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Shared Structures. Private Spaces: Housing in Mexico

Canales, Fernanda
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Architecture for the Commons: Participatory Systems in the Age of Platforms

Sanchez, Jose (University of Michigan, U
This book dives into an analysis of how the tectonics of a building is fundamentally linked to the economic organizations that allow them to exist.
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