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Architectural Structure and Design

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The Designer's Field Guide to Collaboration

Brause C
The Designer's Field Guide to Collaboration provides a toolkit for working on collaborative projects to show you how great teamwork functions in professional practice and in the design studio.
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The Design Quality Manual: Improving Building Performance

Cook, Martin
* Offers a set of criteria by which to judge a broad range of design values * Readable and knowledgeable - based on solid research and conveys information effectively * BRE's branding is authoritative and independent - known for its definitive judgement as the consultants' consultant. .
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Dynamics of Periphery: Atlas for Emerging Creative and Resilient Habitats

Jörg Schröder (eds)
Starting from architecture, urban design, and territorial planning, this book aims at interfaces between design and research towards dynamic roles of peripheries.
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External solar shading with wood: A design guide for architects

Trada: Hislop P & O'Leary P
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Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures

Allen, Edward
Here, in one volume, is all the architect needs to know to participate in the entire process of designing structures. Emphasizing bestselling author Edward Allen's graphical approach, the book enables the reader to quickly determine the desired form of a building or other structure, and easily design it without the need for complex mathematics.
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Fundamentals of Architectural Lighting

Mills S
Light is an integral part of the architectural design process. This comprehensive introduction to the basics of lighting design equips students and practitioners with the tools they need. Features more than 300 high quality illustrations.
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Insulating Modernism: Isolated and Non-isolated Thermodynamics in Architecture

Moe K
What is the best way to achieve sustainable energy savings in buildings? The mainstream construction industry has been saying for decades: it's insulation. This book describes the history, theory and facts of the mainstream insulation technology and the emerging alternative design approaches.
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Introduction to Structures

McMullin, Paul W. (Ed.)
Introduction to Structures covers basic structures concepts for architects and engineers, such as structural systems, material selection, statics, analysis, and the process of design and system selection.
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Light in Architecture

Uffelen, Chris Van
Light is the prerequisite for spatial perception which is why it is an integral component of architecture. Light design in architecture has become lively and also colorful over the years. This title includes projects that show how good design can be considerably improved with the right light.
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