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Architectural Structure and Design

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The Articulate Surface: Ornament and Technology in Contemporary Architecture

Pell, Ben
A systematic and structured presentation of new parametric design and digital production technologies, resulting types of ornament, finishing methods and application strategies, illustrated by 40 built examples.
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Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual

Boake, Terri Meyer
In a fresh approach to the reality of working with steel, this book looks at both at the state of tried-and-tested techniques and at emerging projects. It features construction photographs that are complemented by technical illustrations and drawings supplied by fabricators allowing insight into a method of working with digital drawing tools.
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Product Development and Architecture: Visions, Methods, Innovations

Pottgiesser, U Straub H
Product Development and Architecture: Visions, Methods, Innovations.
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The Drama of Space: Spatial Sequences and Compositions in Architecture

Kleine H
The experience of architectural spaces is formed by the way they are staged. The Drama of Space examines the composition and articulation of architectural spaces in terms of spatial dramaturgy, as a repertoire of means and strategies for shaping spatial experience.
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Dynamics of Periphery: Atlas for Emerging Creative and Resilient Habitats

Jörg Schröder (eds)
Starting from architecture, urban design, and territorial planning, this book aims at interfaces between design and research towards dynamic roles of peripheries.
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Hortitecture: The Power of Architecture and Plants

Gruntuch-Ernst, ,Almut
HORTITECTURE explores synergies combining architecture and vital plant material - taking plants off the ground into a new conceptual and spatial context.
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MOVE: Architecture in Motion - Dynamic Components and Elements

Schumacher, M. & Schaeffer, O.
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Story of New York's Staircase

Goldberger, Paul
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Facades: A Visual Compendium of Modern Architectural Styles

Riera Ojeda, Oscar
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