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Architectural Structure and Design

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Principles of Architectural Detailing

Emmitt, Stephen
aeo Why are buildings detailed the way they are? aeo Why do architects and engineers seem to come to the same kind of solutions to their detailing problems? aeo Are we satisfied with such a situation? With environmental concerns so high on designersa agendas, the answer to this third question has to be a noa .
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The Art of Precast Concrete: Colour, Texture, Expression

Bennett, David
A survey of the developments in precast concrete technology and building practice, including detailed documentation of 24 inspired projects.
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Timber Design

McMullin P
Timber Design covers timber fundamentals for students and professional architects and engineers, such as tension elements, flexural elements, shear and torsion, compression elements, connections, and lateral design.
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Timber design pioneers

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Timber Gridshells: Architecture, Structure and Craft

Chilton, John
Traces the effect of technological advances on the design and construction of timber gridshells. Provides a clear understanding of the structure, morphology, design process, construction technology, as well as practical applications and constraints.
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Timber in Contemporary Architecture: A Designer's Guide

Trada ~~~~
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Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual

Boake, Terri Meyer
In a fresh approach to the reality of working with steel, this book looks at both at the state of tried-and-tested techniques and at emerging projects. It features construction photographs that are complemented by technical illustrations and drawings supplied by fabricators allowing insight into a method of working with digital drawing tools.
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Solar Shading of Buildings

Littlefair, P. J.
This report describes commonly used shading devices and some new developments. It gives the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of shading device. A decision table is included to help determine the best solution for a particular building application. The guidance focuses on shading requirements in the UK and similar climates and latitudes.
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Spaces in Architecture: Areas, Distances, Dimensions

Bielefeld, Bert
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Special Structural Topics

McMullin P
Special Structural Topics covers specialty structural situations for students and professional architects and engineers, such as soil mechanics, structural retrofit, structural integrity, cladding design, blast considerations, vibration, and structural sustainability.
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