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Architectural Theory

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The Women Who Professionalized Interior Design

Dedek, Peter
The Women Who Professionalized Interior Design explores the history of interior decorating and design from the late nineteenth century to the present, highlighting the careers and contributions of significant American female interior designers in the field of residential and commercial interior design.
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Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty

Flowers, Benjamin
After two decades which saw the construction industry flourish, has come a sudden period of instability, where architecture firms have been jettisoning employees at an unprecedented rate as building projects dry up. This edited volume brings together scholars, critics, and architects to discuss the present state of uncertainty in the practice and d
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Wells, Matthew
This book explores the history of the architectural survey drawing its multiple forms in order to understand how the methods of recording what already exists can also be used to imagine what might be.
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Design Studio Vol. 5: Experimental Realism: (Design) Fictions and Futures: 2022

Barton, Gem
An eclectic and exciting collection of articles and profiles that dive into a world of speculative design, social fiction and alternative models, exploring new responses to realistic future living conditions.
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Radical Architectural Drawing

AD: Spiller N
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The Architecture of Industry: Changing Paradigms in Industrial Building and Planning

Aitchison, Mathew
Through a series of case studies, this book documents the changing nature of industrial building and planning from the beginning of the twentieth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Drawing on research from the United States, Europe and Australia, this collection of essays highlights key moments in industrial architecture and plan
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The Philosophy of Dumbness

Choma, Joseph
This is the dumbest smart book on contemporary architecture. What really is this technology that we speak of? How do we define intelligence? These are just two of the questions that this book attempts to answer through the unconventional (and seemingly ironic) lens of 'dumbness'.
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Urbanism Beyond 2020: Reflections During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bharne, Vinayak
Urbanism Beyond 2020 explores numerous questions triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic as relates to urban planning and design.
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