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Architectural Theory

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Coding, Shaping, Making: Experiments in Form and Form-Making

Lalvani, Haresh
This book combines inspiration from architecture, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and computation to look towards the future of architecture, design and art, presenting ongoing experiments in the search for fundamental principles of form and form-making in nature so we can better inform our own built environment.
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Writing the Materialities of the Past: Cities and the Architectural Topography of Historical Imagination

Griffiths, Sam (University College Londo
Written for postgraduate students, researchers and academics in architectural theory and urban studies, Griffiths draws on the space syntax tradition of research to explore how contingencies of movement and encounter construct the historical imagination.
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Atlas of the Senseable City

Picon, Antoine
A fascinating exploration of how the growth of digital mapping, spurred by sensing technologies, is affecting cities and daily lives
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Grundkurs: What is Architecture About?

Tamburelli, Pier Paolo
An irreverent graphic introduction to the fundamentals of architecture from Pier Paolo Tamburelli, comprising eight 'lessons' inscribed in vivid sketches and hand-written notes. With an afterword by Mark Lee.
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Jorn Utzon and Transcultural Essentialism

Carter, Adrian (Bond University, Austral
The volume includes numerous previously unpublished photographs, drawings and interviews with Utzon's family members, former students and colleagues, offering a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge for any architecture scholar interested in Utzon's work and design principles.
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Interior Realms

Cetrulo, Andrea
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Speaking of Architecture: Interviews About What Comes Next, with Mark Foster Gage

Gage, Mark Foster
This remarkable collection of casual, informative, and personal interviews engages fifteen architects as they reveal what made them who they are, what propels their architectural work forward, and what they anticipate comes next.
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