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Architectural Theory

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Grundkurs: What is Architecture About?

Tamburelli, Pier Paolo
An irreverent graphic introduction to the fundamentals of architecture from Pier Paolo Tamburelli, comprising eight 'lessons' inscribed in vivid sketches and hand-written notes. With an afterword by Mark Lee.
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Architecture after God: Babel Resurgent

Dugdale, Kyle
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Praxis of Collective Building: Narratives of Philosophy and Construction

Badnjar-Gojnic, Andjelka
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Coding, Shaping, Making: Experiments in Form and Form-Making

Lalvani, Haresh
This book combines inspiration from architecture, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and computation to look towards the future of architecture, design and art, presenting ongoing experiments in the search for fundamental principles of form and form-making in nature so we can better inform our own built environment.
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Writing the Materialities of the Past: Cities and the Architectural Topography of Historical Imagination

Griffiths, Sam (University College Londo
Written for postgraduate students, researchers and academics in architectural theory and urban studies, Griffiths draws on the space syntax tradition of research to explore how contingencies of movement and encounter construct the historical imagination.
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Architectural Anthropology: Exploring Lived Space

Stender, Marie (Aalborg University, Denm
The anthology gathers contributions from leading researchers from various Nordic universities, architectural schools and architectural firms as well as prominent international scholars all exploring, developing and innovating the cross-disciplinary field between anthropology and architecture.
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Touching Architecture: Affective Atmospheres and Embodied Encounters

Brand, Anthony
This book is about perception, emotion, and affect in architecture: how and why we feel the way that we do, and the ways in which our surroundings and bodies contribute to this.
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Building Materials: Material Theory and the Architectural Specification

Lloyd Thomas, Professor Katie
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Architectural Aesthetics: Appreciating Architecture As An Art

Winters, Edward (University of Westminst
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