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Architectural Theory

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Theorising Architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa: Perspectives, Questions, and Concepts

Meuser, Philipp
Collection of 49 essays searching for new ways to theorise sub-Saharan African architecture, putting forward an array of heterogeneous perspectives, questioning old tropes and emerging narratives, and challenging popular concepts whilst proposing new ones.
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Atmosphere And Building Culture

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Alt-Form: Indeterminacy and Disorder

AD: Ago, Viola
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Multiform: Architecture in an Age of Transition

AD: Hopkins, Owen
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Gender Gap

Andreini, Laura
An exhibition of projects and maquettes by 20 international female architects addressing the personal challenges they encountered in the course of their careers and offering their observations on women in architecture in the 21st century.
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Architecture as a Living Act: Leonardo Ricci

Ghia, Maria Clara
The book investigates Leonardo Ricci's practical and theoretical approach to architectural design, giving this exceptional figure the recognition he deserves within the panorama of Italian and international architecture following the Second World War.
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Inhabiting Displacement: Architecture and Authorship

Seethaler-Wari, Shahd
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Imagine Buildings Floating like Clouds: Thoughts and Visions of Contemporary Architecture from 101 Key Creatives

Belogolovsky, Vladimir
An invaluable, thought-provoking collection of conversations with leading creatives from around the globe, including architects, photographers, designers, critics, artists, and others. Belogolovsky exposes the complexity of their thought process, while comparing and contrasting them to one another to distill more than 101 ideas.
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What is Critical Urbanism?: Urban Research as Pedagogy

Cupers, Kenny
An illustrated reader on Critical Urbanism, a research-based pedagogical method in architecture education that has emerged from a joint program of the Universities of Basel and Cape Town.
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