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Art Deco

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Art Deco Architecture: The Interwar Period

Hope, Mike
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London Art Deco

Schwartzman A
This richly illustrated book offers a fascinating and detailed look at the Art Deco style in London from building design to decorative detail.
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Art Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1920s and 1930s

Duncan, Alastair
Offers an account of the decorative arts of the Art Deco period. This book celebrates the styles rich variety of form and its diverse international roots as the very factors that make it a perennial favourite of modern collectors and designers.
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Art Deco Architecture: Design, Decoration and Detail from the Twenties and Thirties

Bayer, Patricia
An exploration of art deco architectural design, embracing many different times and places in its summary of the movement's origins, development and influence. Various types of architecture, the author explains, were termed art deco, and their antecedents were mixed and often surprising.
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The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s

Harrison, S
An exhilarating look at Art Deco design in 1920s America, using jazz as its unifying metaphor
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Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America

Bruegmann, Robert
An expansive take on American Art Deco that explores Chicago's pivotal role in developing the architecture, graphic design, and product design
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Art Deco Mailboxes: An Illustrated Design History

Greene, Karen; Lavelle, Lynn
A great gift book for lovers of unsung urban decorative art and unique architectural details.
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Art Deco

Green, Oliver
From cinemas to airport terminals, and hotels to private houses, art deco style made a great impact on Britain between the wars, on buildings and structures, inside and out. This is its story.
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