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Art Deco

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Modernism London Style: The Art Deco Heritage

Rauhut H Von Christoph : Lehmann N
Shows the creativity of the architects and designers of the period, as well as the currents in the city's culture that helped shape their work. This title sheds light on the key features of the Art Deco style and more.
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The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s

Harrison, S
An exhilarating look at Art Deco design in 1920s America, using jazz as its unifying metaphor
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Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America

Bruegmann, Robert
An expansive take on American Art Deco that explores Chicago's pivotal role in developing the architecture, graphic design, and product design
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Art Deco Mailboxes: An Illustrated Design History

Greene, Karen; Lavelle, Lynn
A great gift book for lovers of unsung urban decorative art and unique architectural details.
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Art Deco

Knowles E
Although usually associated with the 1920s and '30s, the Art Deco style had already begun to emerge in France prior to the First World War. Art Deco design is redolent of the Jazz Age, conjuring images of society cocktail parties, the Charleston and Hollywood in this great but doomed era of excess. This book deals with Art Deco.
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Joseph Urban: Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom

Dehan, Amy M
A study of the impact of Austrian-born architect and designer Joseph Urban (1872-1933) on the development and acceptance of American Modernism through the story of one of his last commissions, the Art Deco bedroom he created for the teenage Elaine Wormser.
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