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Art Nouveau

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Art Nouveau

Escritt, Stephen
A study of Europe and America's boldest and most fashionable style.
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Art Nouveau

Sembach, K-J
How was Art Nouveau nouveau? This richly illustrated overview explores the contexts and provocations of this vivid turn-of-the-century style, in which a symphony of flowing lines and organic forms advocated not only a new linear freedom and liberation from artistic tradition but also a return to handcraftsmanship and the synthesis of artistic...
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Art Nouveau Architecture

Beauclair R
181,00 kr
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Art Nouveau Tiles

Lemmen H Van
Art Nouveau is characterised by its ornamental curvilinear design and use of sinuous line and vibrant colour. This book charts the impact of this style on the tile industry in Britain, showing how tiles were made and decorated. It employs photographs of tiles to examine the range of floral, animal and human subject matter found on the tiles.
105,00 kr
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Art Nouveau: Art, Architecture and Design in Transformation

Ashby, Dr Charlotte (Programme Director
292,00 kr
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Art Nouveau: Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona

Hauffe, Thomas
350,00 kr
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Brussels Art Nouveau: Architecture & Design

Forshaw, A
First comprehensive guide in English to Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels
292,00 kr
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Hector Guimard: Art Nouveau to Modernism

Hanks, David A
408,00 kr
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