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Chinese Architecture

Yanxin Cai
This book provides an illustrated introduction to Chinese architecture, a reference for modern design and a window into China's history.
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El Croquis 212 - Palinda Kannangara

Kannangara P
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Architecture China: Architecture as Infrastructure

Xiangning, Li
This issue, Winter 2020, Architecture as Infrastructure, selects a series of pioneering architectural cases in China elaborating on how a new kind of architectural infrastructure can be formulated.
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Hong Kong Modern: Architecture of the 1950s-1970s

Koditek, Walter
A comprehensive overview on the architecture of Hong Kong's transformative period featuring more than 300 buildings, with detailed background information explaining and illustrating the design and history of these buildings.
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Architecture Asia: Cultural Identity and Social Responsibility

Architects Regional Council Asia
This issue features three essays and eleven projects that discuss how cultural identity and social responsibility can be embodied within architecture and space design.
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Chisinau: Architectural Guide

Rusu, Stefan
An Architectural Guide focusing on the period of Chisinau transformation into a socialist city, after annexation by the USSR, covering the Stalinist Empire, Soviet Modernism, Postmodernism, Soviet Brutalism, and the Industrial City.
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Empire Building: The Construction of British India, 1690-1860

Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie
A richly illustrated history showing how the British Empire used buildings in early colonial India to influence attitudes among those who saw and used them.
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Untold Stories: Hong Kong Architecture

Fung, Raymond
* Stories behind Hong Kong's famous architecture * Architecture of Asia's World City * Architecture: East meets West * Magnificence of Hong Kong Cityscape
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Architecture Asia: Renovation and Innovation

Jiang, Professor WU
This issue focuses on how old buildings realise renovation and innovation, and features three essays and eleven projects that elaborate on this topic.
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