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Tokyo Void: Possibilities in Absence

Jonas, Marieluise
Identifying and exploring the spatial voids to be found in Tokyo, and rethinking how these can be used within the urban landscape.
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Stadt in der Stadt bauen I Building the City within the City: IBA_HAMBURG 2006-2013

International Building Exhibition IBA
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Welcoming the West: Japan's Grand Resort Hotels

Leers A.P.
A glimpse into the history and design of six Japanese resort hotels, built to appeal to the west.
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Japanese Creativity: Contemplations on Japanese Architecture

Edagawa, Yuichiro
An analysis of the origin and development of Japanese creativity in architecture.
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Tokyo: An Urban Portrait: Looking at a Megacity Region Through its Differences

Hanakata N
Provides the first comprehensive reading of the many urbanisation processes shaping Tokyo today, and seeks an entirely new approach for looking at megacity regions: through their differences, and the way those differences are produced in the course of everyday life.
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Delhi Architectural Guide

Bansal, Anupam
The prolific architectural legacy of Delhi is remarkable not only for its antiquity but also its diversity. While the period of antiquity encompass various types of Hindu, Islamic and Colonial architecture, it is modern architecture that laid the foundation of post-independent development of the city. Today, the city has been engulfed by an explosi
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Tel Aviv: Architectural Guide

Golan Yaron, Sharon
Written by the renowned conservation architect Yaronm, the co-founder and program director of the White City Center, this guide offers the key to exploring the most important architectural sites in Tel Aviv.
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China: Architectural Guide

Chakroff Evan, Addison Godel
In an era of accelerating population growth, mass urbanization, and increasing pressure on the natural environment, the megacities of China's eastern seaboard have become a focal point of architectural and urban-design attention. The "reform and opening-up era" has touched China's major cities in different ways, affecting the existing fabric of dyn
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Architectural Map - Delhi

Bansal, Anupan; Kochupillai
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Yangon: Architectural Guide

Ben Bansal / Elliott Fox
Architectural Guide Yangon presents around one hundred memorable buildings from Myanmar's historical capital. Following decades of international isolation, the city's vast heritage remains largely, surprisingly and spectacularly intact. Rangoon_- as it was known under the British - was a melting pot of British India. Vivid traces of this legacy are
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