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Contemporary Architecture in China: Towards A Critical Pragmatism

Xiangning, Li
Critical analysis of 60 projects from 60 architects in China.
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Beautiful Villages: Rural Construction Practice in Contemporary China

Xiaochun, Zhang
A comprehensive review of rural architecture in contemporary China.
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Architecture China: Building a Future Countryside

Xiangning, Li
Focusing on the leading edge architectural designs with regional characteristics, Architecture China is a journal whose mission is to disseminate the creative works of contemporary Chinese architecture, and to deepen an appreciation of Chinese architectural traditionals and trends.
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Japanese Residence

This book brings together more than 60 distinctive Japanese residential and interior designs. These projects illustrate designers who pay great attention to people's daily lives. The houses in this book offer an exciting look at where Japanese housing design is going.
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Architecture China: Building for a New Culture

Xiangning, Li
Architecture China is a journal focusing on the leading architectural design projects with regional characteristics in contemporary China.
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New Houses in Asia: Inspired Architecture and Interiors for the Modern World

Images Publishing Group
New Houses in Asia showcases recent award-winning homes across the region. With full-colour photos throughout, this book provides an overview of the best contemporary house designs, charting trends in modernity.
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Digital Architecture in China

Weiguo, ,Xu
Comprising a detailed study of more than 30 projects, Digital Architecture in China provides a comprehensive overview of how digital architecture is used in design development.
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The Secret Spirit of Korean Architecture

Bongryol Kim
A response to the international interest in Korean architecture, its tangible historical and contemporary forms, and a multidisciplinary contribution to the discourse that has resulted in writing and audiovisual output exploring principal features and themes, materials, techniques and methodologies particular to the genre.
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