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New Houses in Asia: Inspired Architecture and Interiors for the Modern World

Images Publishing Group
New Houses in Asia showcases recent award-winning homes across the region. With full-colour photos throughout, this book provides an overview of the best contemporary house designs, charting trends in modernity.
3 569,75 ₽
excluding shipping

Digital Architecture in China

Weiguo, ,Xu
Comprising a detailed study of more than 30 projects, Digital Architecture in China provides a comprehensive overview of how digital architecture is used in design development.
3 059,79 ₽
excluding shipping

The Secret Spirit of Korean Architecture

Bongryol Kim
A response to the international interest in Korean architecture, its tangible historical and contemporary forms, and a multidisciplinary contribution to the discourse that has resulted in writing and audiovisual output exploring principal features and themes, materials, techniques and methodologies particular to the genre.
3 054,69 ₽
excluding shipping