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Vanishing Tradition: Architecture And Carpentry Of The Dong Minority Of China

Zwerger, Klaus
An exploration of the unique wooden architectural tradition of the Dong minority peoples of the rugged mountainous regions of south-western China, a tradition most likely to disappear in decades to come as it is overwhelmed by China's current rampant modernization. The author discusse s the historic development of Dong architectural
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The Singapore House and Residential Life 1819-1939

Edwards N
"The Singapore House is not just a building; it is a cultural phenomenon. Culture means ordinary everyday values-attitudes, beliefs, ideas and heritage. These apply to the cultural landscape of which the house forms a part and is particularly applicable to a fast growing metropolis like Singapore that has changed immeasurably in recent years."
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Architecture of Bali: A Sourcebook of Traditional and Modern Forms

Wijaya, Made
This EDM bestseller is now available in a compact paperback edition, featuring a new cover.
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The Singapore House: 1819-1942

Lee Kip Lang
The Singapore House is a comprehensive study of the various domestic architectural styles that thrived in Singapore from 1819 until the outbreak of the Pacific War.
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Taipei Tech Architecture 2013-2014 Thesis Review

Department of Architecture, Taipei
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20 Japanese Architects

Hagenberg, Roland
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Chinese Bridges: Living Architecture from China's Past

Knapp, Ronald G.
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Architecture China: RE/DEFINE Tradition

Xiangning, Li
RE/DEFINE Tradition is a collective coverage as well as critique on newly emerging works related to a new tradition in China.
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Beautiful China: Reflections on Landscape Architecture in Contemporary China

Weller, Richard J
This book is the first serious consideration of the Chinese government's 'Beautiful China' policy and what it means for the design professions in contemporary China. Text in English and Chinese.
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Beauty and the East: New Chinese Architecture

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