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The Bungalow in Twentieth-Century India: The Cultural Expression of Changing Ways of Life and Aspirations in the Domestic Architecture of Colonial and Post-colonial Society

Desai, M. & M. Lang
Describes the various technological, political and social developments that shaped one building type - the bungalow - contemporaneous to the development of modern Indian history during the period of British rule and its subsequent aftermath. This book also examines what it meant to be modern in Indian society as the twentieth century evolved.
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Constructing a Place of Critical Architecture in China: Intermediate Criticality in the Journal Time + Architecture

Ding, Guanghui
Rewritten and edited vision of the author's thesis (Ph. D.--University of Nottingham, 2013).
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What Is Japanese Architecture?: A Survey Of Traditional Japanese Architecture

Nishi,K Hozumi,K
Originally published: Tokyo: New York: Kodansha International, 1985.
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The Japanese Tea Garden

Keane M P
"Impeccably written, erudite ... likely to remain the standard work on the subject."--Kyoto Journal
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Minka My Farmhouse in Japan: My Farmhouse in Japan

Roderick J
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Retronesia - The Years Of Building Dangerously

Tariq Khalil
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Trope Hong Kong

Landers, Sam
Trope Hong Kong, the third installment in a series highlighting the world's most architecturally compelling cities, is a highly curated collection of photographic images from an active community of urban photographers who have passionately captured their city like never before.
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The New Sri Lankan House

Powell R
The New Sri Lankan House charts the development of private houses in the 21st century in a variety of locations around the island.
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