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The aim of the Basics series is to scrutinise critically the debate on architecture and urban development and also to help shape it. The series creates a platform for established authors and committed young researchers who publish texts in their native language, thus imbuing the series with an international air.

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The Addis Ababa House: A Typological Analysis of Urban Heritage in Ethiopia 18861936

Nieder, Piet
An employment of 'Addis Ababa House' as a case study discussing the possibility of a non-industrial building type that reflects the desire for a cosmopolitan urban life.
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Fundamentals of Competition Management: Preparation and Organisation of Design Competitions

Hossbach, Benjamin
This book provides a wealth of practical and formal information on all issues related to the organization of design competitions. It also presents 60 illustrated practical examples of successfully conducted competitions for 12 building typologies.
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The City as a Political Pawn: Urban Identities in Chiinu, ernivci, Lviv and Wrocaw

Larsson, Bo
This book describes the urban environment in the four cities before World War II, and how the present population handles the memories of the past for future development.
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Being a Ukrainian Architect During Wartime: Essays, Articles, Interviews, and Manifestos

Gubkina, Ievgeniia
The war has dramatically changed the geographies of nearly all Ukrainians and returned the work of an architectural critic to the traditional mainstream of journalism. This shift has taken Gubkina's thoughts from the academic context and made them more akin to war reporting.
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Berlin Urban Strategy: The Genius of Improvisation

Masboungi, Ariella
This book aims to explore Berlin's ability not to trivialise new ideas and thus remain a leader in innovation.
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