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Blog posts tagged with 'architecture'

Professor John Dyson, co-author of Design to Value, shares his thoughts on…

Are projects complicated or complex and does it matter?

Designing a building is a technical affair however the function and the context of a building is social, environmental, political; therefore complex. The building details may be complicated but there is an empiricism to them, with the right expertise, modelling and calculations you can come to sound solution.

What is complexity? Complex system theory has been studied in depth since the mid 20th Century. Complex systems are all around u...

21ST CENTURY HOUSES – DEFINING A DREAM What defines a dream house? Many people dream of commissioning an architect to design their perfect home. It is a commitment that takes time and money, but having a bespoke space built around your specific needs, interests and desires can be life-changing.
Why sexism, racism and environmental catastrophe are interdependent Introducing 'Working at the Intersection: Architecture After the Anthropocene', a fascinating, progressive collection of articles and case studies that explore the intersectionality of environmental justice and social justice, setting the table for inclusive architectural engagement.