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British Architecture

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London: Architectural Guide: Twentieth-Century Housing Projects

Ruimschotel, Tjerk
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Complex City: London's Changing Character

Manning, Jane
This is a visual, geographic and narrative journey that explains why London is the way it is today.
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Mobilising Housing Histories: Learning from London's Past for a Sustainable Future

Guillery, Peter & David Kroll
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Period House Fixtures and Fittings 1300-1900

Hall, Linda
England has a wealth of surviving houses from past centuries, be they country mansions or rustic framed cottages, and the circumstances of the age are often reflected in the interiors. Linda Hall charts the development of the fixtures and fittings we still see today - from medieval and Tudor times to Georgian and Victorian.
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Excellent Essex

Darley, Gillian
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Traditional Buildings of Britain

Brunskill, R.W.
Third edition (and 10th impression) of the standard introduction to traditional buildings - houses, cottages, farmhouses, farm buildings, small manor houses and chapels.
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Ferry K
Focusing on the British bungalow up to the Second World War, this book explores its social, cultural and architectural development, revealing what the very earliest versions looked like and why at the peak of their popularity bungalows were so ubiquitous.
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How to Date Buildings: An Easy Reference Guide

Yorke T
Have you ever passed a building and wondered how old it is? This illustrated and easy reference guide is packed with hundreds of photos and information to help you date buildings and bring their history to life.
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The Decline of an English Village

Page, Robin (Chair, Countryside Restorat
This is the 45th Annniversary Edition of The Decline of an English Village. Throughout his life, Robin has observed dramatic changes in the way people live their lives. It's in this book that he reiterates the tragedy behind a countryside increasingly misused and abused in the name of urbanisation and industrialisation.
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East London

Smith, C Saumarez
An insider's guide to the streets of the East End, from Spitalfields to Stratford.
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