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1 Finsbury Avenue: Innovative Office Architecture from Arup to AHMM

Powell, Kenneth
This book sets the iconic building in its historic context, details its its initial development, design and construction, its listing and then critically examines the current scheme and the reimagining of a late 20th Century landmark.
467,00 kr
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101 Hotel Rooms, Vol. 2

Joehnk C Kretschmar_
466,00 kr
excluding shipping

111 Churches in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Barber, Emma Rose
111 Churches in London That You Shouldn't Miss interweaves artistic insights, anecdotes, stories of saints and sinners and the rich narratives of buildings that provide another way of looking at London's history.
152,00 kr
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21st Century Bars

Hall, Andrew
Features more than 100 exciting bars, restaurants and nightspots
292,00 kr
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500 Churches, 500 Ideas: New Use for Sacred Spaces

Willinghöfer, J ed.
414,00 kr
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A Place to Mourn: Funeral Chapel in Buochs by Seiler Linhart Architekten

Wiegelmann, Andrea
This publication is not intended as a monograph of a building, but is instead aimed at inspiring in-depth investigation of the building task, the culture of valediction in our society, both yesterday and today, and the role that architecture can play in this respect. Text in English and German.
466,00 kr
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A Sustainable Bodega and Hotel

Spence, John
327,00 kr
excluding shipping