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13 Architects Children Should Know

Heine F
This lively and engaging volume in Prestel's successful "Children Should Know" series opens a door onto the fascinating world of architecture.
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13 Bridges Children Should Know

Finger, Brad
The most recent addition to Prestel's acclaimed series, which introduces children to important works of art and architecture, is a fascinating look at bridges that span the centuries as well as the globe.
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13 Buildings Children Should Know

Roeder, Annette
The world's most iconic buildings are made accessible and exciting for young readers in this colorful introduction to architecture that changed the world.
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13 Skyscrapers Children Should Know

Finger B
This newest addition to Prestel's acclaimed series, which introduces children to important works of art and architecture, takes young readers around the world to investigate how tall buildings are constructed and what makes them so appealing.
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321 Seriously Smart Things You Need To Know

Masters, Mathilda
321 surprising facts about flora and fauna, language, famous people, our planet earth and much more.
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A Day Out in London

Newstead, Keith
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A Place Called Home: Look Inside Houses Around the World

Lonely Planet Kids
Take a sneak peek inside homes from all around the world with this charming lift-the-flap book. From cosy wooden houses in snow-blanketed Greenland to traditional Maasai mud huts in East Africa, young children will discover different ways of living across the globe and get a unique glimpse into diverse cultures and communities.
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Amazing Animal Homes

Einstein, Tamara
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Amazing Human Feats of Engineering

Scheff, Matt
Throughout history, people have built incredible structures across the world. Discover how engineers have had to put their skills and knowledge to the test to create these amazing feats of engineering.
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Amazing Jobs: Engineering

Hynson, Colin
Find out about the amazing careers in the fields of science, maths, engineering and technology.
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Arches to Zigzags: An Architectural ABC

Crosbie, Michael J.
Arches to Zizags introduces its audience (both young and old) to the world of architecture through the alphabet.
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Architecture According to Pigeons

Tailfeather, Spike Lee
The definitive book on architecture for children.
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