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Conservation and Restoration

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Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Brusaporci, Stefano
Highlights innovative trends in electronic preservation techniques. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant topics such as cultural complexities, participative heritage, architectural backgrounds, and virtual reconstruction, this is an ideal publication for academics, graduate students, engineers, and researchers interested in expanding their knowledge of heritage conservation systems.
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Twentieth-Century Building Materials - History and Conservation

Jester, Thomas C.
A guide to the materials used in architecture during the past century, as well as tips on building repair and restoration. With more than 200 illustrations, including a full-color photographic essay, it focuses on the history and conservation of modern building materials.
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Concrete - Case Studies in Conservation Practice

Croft, Catherine
The first title in a new series aimed at sharing best practices in the conservation of modern heritage.
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Historic Cities - Issues in Urban Conservation

Cody, Jeff
The next volume in the GCI's Readings in Conservation series brings together a selection of seminal writings on the conservation of historic cities.
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The National Historic Preservation Act: Past, Present, and Future

Banks , Kimball M. Scott , Kimball M. B
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Sustainable Home Refurbishment: The Earthscan Expert Guide to Retrofitting Homes for Efficiency

Thorpe, David
A retro-fit offers many benefits: cutting electricity and heating bills, increasing the resale value of homes, slashing carbon emissions and creating a healthier place to live. This book at: draught-proofing, insulation and damp; ventilation, heating and cooling; electrical efficiency and renewable energy; water use and re-use; and, more.
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Energy Efficiency in Old Houses

Cook, Martin Godfrey
Most people in the UK live in an old house built before the age of modern building regulations and energy-efficiency standards. It is possible to upgrade our housing stock and to live in our old houses in an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable way. This book provides information and tips to improve the energy efficiency of old house.
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Refurbishment Projects: Health and Safety Management

Oloke D
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