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Conservation and Restoration

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Building in Cob, Pise and Stabilized Earth

Ellis, Clough Willia
This study is based on experiments undertaken by the author into the use of pise de terre and other earth based materials. Whilst earth building has not developed significantly in the UK, the sustainable architecture movement has helped stimulate an interest in constructing new earthen buildings.
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Structural Repair of Traditional Buildings

Robson, P
Suitable for those involved in the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of traditional buildings, this title begins by explaining how traditional structures work and how they are affected by the behaviour of the soil that supports them. It then goes on to explain how the structural design of buildings has to cope with uncertainty.
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Roof Slating and Tiling

Bennett, F Pinion, A
Offers information on different aspects of the slating and tiling industry. This book examines the various types of roof coverings that were traditionally used. It includes basic aspects such as sorting and holding states, through to complex aspects involved in sorting and setting out a diminishing course roof, and forming swept and laced valleys.
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Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering

Burn,Roger Scott-
Burn wrote this book in 1871 at a time of great developments in science and industry, and when materials for building were constantly being improved. It offers coverage of traditional materials such as brick and pise, but also examines the developments in the use of cement for wall coverings.
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Survey and Repair of Traditional Buildings: A Sustainable Approach

Oxley, Richard
Understanding the unique requirements of traditional buildings is crucial to providing appropriate guidance on their care and repair. This book helps practitioners identify the particular issues relating to older buildings and the problems they may encounter when surveying and repairing them.
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The Art of the Plasterer

Bankart, George
Offers an artistic interpretation of the way plaster was used in response to stylistic changes. This title explores how plaster materials and methods were developed and used, giving an insight into some of the unusual substances added to plaster.
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Measurement and Recording of Historic Buildings

Swallow, Peter et al
A guide to measured building surveys with special emphasis on recording the fabric of historic buildings. It includes chapters that deal with modern survey practice using instruments and photographic techniques, and that examine recording methods as used on a specific project case study undertaken by the Museum of London Archaeology Service.
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Conservation of Historic Buildings and Their Contents: Addressing the Conflicts

Watt, David Colston,
The conference entitled 'Where Conservation Meets Conservation', held at De Montfort University, Leicester on 9 September 2002 provided the opportunity to explore the interface between historic buildings and their contents by recognizing the interrelationships between architectural and object conservation.
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Hydraulic Lime Mortar for Stone, Brick and Block Masonry: A Best Practice Guide

UK Limes
A practice guide to using hydraulic lime mortar. It offers practical guidance on: the functions and properties of hydraulic lime; the constituent materials; mixing, reworking, protection and aftercare; and, mortar selection for durability, and health and safety issues.
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Surveying Historic Buildings

Watt, David
This bestselling book has been fully revised and updated to include valuable new case studies and examples which help to demonstrate the common problems found in older buildings.
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