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Conservation and Restoration

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A Heritage in Stone: Characters and Conservation in North East Scotland

Davidson, Ian Mitchell
The castles and other properties owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland are precious jewels in the crown of the nation's heritage. This book pays tribute to the people who have made the Trust's properties so very special.
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Old & New: Design Manual for Revitalizing Existing Buildings

Joger, Frank Peter
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Historic Preservation, Third Edition: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice

Tyler, Norman
This classic text covers the gamut of preservation issues in layman's language.
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Historic Construction and Conservation: Materials, Systems and Damage

Roca, Pere (Technical University of Cata
This book brings together the history of construction, materials and structural elements, with the history of conservation. It explains structural decisions made during the construction process which underlies the damage and collapse mechanisms in masonry for different forms of loading.
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Traditional Farm Buildings and their Conservation

Brunskill, R.W.
Combines text with diagrams and photographs to explain and illustrate the farm buildings. This work records the origins and uses of traditional building types, then explores the conflicting demands of conservation and re-use and the dangers of enthusiastic restorers who may unwittingly destroy the character of that which they desire to preserve.
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Why Preservation Matters

Page M
Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, a critique of the preservation movement-and a bold vision for its future
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Giving Preservation a History: Histories of Historic Preservation in the United States

Mason, Randall
In this volume, some of the leading figures in the field have been brought together to write on the roots of the historic preservation movement in the United States, ranging from New York to Santa Fe, Charleston to Chicago.
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Conservation in the Age of Consensus

Pendlebury, John~~
This new text on the subject of conservation in the built environment provides an unique holistic view on the understanding of the practice of conservation connecting it with a wider societal and political forces.
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Earth Building: Methods and Materials, Repair and Conservation

Keefe , Lawrence
Offering details on the properties of earth as a building material, this book provides appropriate construction techniques, and practical troubleshooting advice. It describes aspects of earth building, explaining how it performs as a building material and guiding on how to repair and conserve existing buildings.
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